Why Sajawat?

About Us

A Blend Of Good Design And Versatility

Our range of Pre-Engineered Buildings, Roofing, Cladding and Rainwater Systems, made from raw materials of the highest quality in accordance with strict ASTM / JIS / AS and IS standards, offers flexibility of design to suit any construction need be at your FACTORY, WAREHOUSE, HOTEL, RESTAURANT, SCHOOL, COLLEGE, GARDEN SHED, GARAGE, ROOF TOP, FARM HOUSE, SHELTERED WALKWAYS & SECURITY GUARD SHELTER. Our products are made to meet your aesthetic needs as well.

Quality Assurance

Stringent quality checks are conducted by our quality controller’s right from the procurement stage to the final delivery to the clients end.

Company Phylosophy

"High Reputation, Superior Quality and Pursuit of Outstanding and Innovation" is our constant philosophy.

Our Objective

To attain leadership position in the industry, accrue tangible value to the economy and create a team of good citizens in the organization.

Excellence through Quality and Technology

Why Sajawat Roofing ?


Available in a wide range of colours, finishes, gloss levels and textures with exceptional batch to batch consistency.


Can be readily roll formed, bent, pressed, cut, drilled, lock seamed and stamped without sacrificing coating adhesion or quality of paint.


A thin organic low density polythene film (30-40 micron) protects the sheet from transit and storage damage and lubricates the sheet surface during forming. lt also helps in retaining the coated sheet's appearance for a long period of time.


Roof made from light coloured Colour Coated Al-Zinc alloy steel can result in less heat radiation in to the home compared to other commonly used roofing materials. Steel roof when combined with insulation makes a cost effective, energy efficient roofing system.


Easy formability and bending property open new horizons to the architect's creativity. The wide range of colours provide options to the architect to customise requirements.


Colour Coated Al-Zinc alloy steel have a long life and if eventually replaced are recyclable without losing quality. The paint used to coat the base metal is also toxic free.


It is quick, easy and convenient to use Colour Coated Al-Zinc alloy steel for roofing and cladding application due to low weight and zero breakages. The availability in wide product range makes installation easy and convenient with minimum wastages. The light-weight high strength combination makes them economical as they require lighter supporting structure and also reduces transportation costs. And, they are virtually maintenance free.

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