Storage Instructions

Dos for Material Storage

Store indoor and away from access to open areas. If left in the open, protect them with waterproof covers.

If material is not required for immediate use, stack them neatly and clear off the ground. Maintain a clear gap of 30cm between sheet package and ground.


Store off the ground and with a minimum 50° slope (1:10) so that if rain penetrates the covering, water will drain away and not form a water pond.

Inspect the storage site regularly to ensure that moisture has not penetrated the stock.


If stacked or bundled product becomes wet, separate it without delay, wipe it with a clean cloth and stack it to dry thoroughly.

The sheet should be kept gently to ensure that it is not damaged.


Use a spreader bar for long sheets. For small to medium size projects, without mechanical handling facilities, you can unload sheets by hand and pass them up to the roof one at a time.

Use Personal Protective Equipments such as clean hand gloves & closed shoes while lifting.

Dont's for Material Storage

Don t keep heavy material on stacked sheets to avoid damages.

Don't place sheets vertically without proper support.


Don't keep sheets in direct contact with soil.

Don't let the surface get wet.


Don't use metal chain for lifting sheets.

Don't store material on walking path. Sheet moving path should be clear and no movement of people should be permitted in the path.


Don't slide sheets over rough surfaces or over each other. Always carry tools, don't drag

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